Defining IP Address Management?
IP addresses are similar to our own addresses in the physical world
Finding The Right IP Address Management Software
IPAM is an absolute necessity for any organization having high dependence on networking for its regular operations
IPAM Software’s Performance
It should be scalable and it should be comprehensive to those interacting with it within the organization on a regular basis

What is IP Address Management?


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What is IP Address Management?

Network is the backbone and lifeline of many organizations operating in national or global scale. Without an efficient network there are many organizations which will cease to operate and exist. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to set up a network that will not only work efficiently, but is also robust and can withstand external attacks.

What is IP Address Management?
IP addresses are similar to our own addresses in the physical world. It is the address of each system integrated within the network and is responsible for fast, efficient and accurate transfer of data. IP address space in an important domain which can determine the running of any organization. The job of IP address management software is to track, manage, and plan the entire IP address space of any organization’s network. It works as the bridge between the DNS and DHCP. Any change in either of the two is notified to the other instantly and necessary changes are made to both the records.

Why should I need IP Address Management Software?
IP Address Management, or IPAM, as it is commonly referred to, is not a task that should be taken lightly. There are organizations which spend millions on proper and efficient management of the entire network so that the company is not crippled. With effective IPAM software, all the work is centralised and simplified. This reduces the time, money and resource spent behind management of the IP address space, turning the operation highly profitable.

IPAM software’s job is multifaceted. It is directly responsible for the tracking, allocation and organization and management of the IP addresses within the network. It is also in charge of subnet allocation. Its sole purpose is to ensure faster data transfer rate through the network and keep it up and running. Besides that, the IPAM software also provides security against any unauthorised access of the network. Protection of the network is on the list of benefits that a high grade IPAM system will provide. Most importantly, this software effectively integrated DNS and DHCP, ensuring proper handshaking between the two.

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