Despite the fact that field service management software has become the standard in assisting service businesses to advance their management of their field staff, some service companies are still stacked with the old way of doing things. They are still using paper-based systems and spreadsheets. This is partly because implementing field service management is costly at the initial stages. These organizations don’t want to incur the costs. Unfortunately, this means they can’t remain competitive in the current market. FMS increases sales in the following ways.

1. Good Sales Service

In the present competitive marketplace, you need to offer the best customer service to remain a strong force in the market. FMS has apps that gather critical customer information and enables businesses to actively engage their customers. When this happens, the customers are highly likely to be delighted and continue to do business with them.

Studies have shown that modern companies are able to experience 100 percent customer retention rate when you meet all their business needs and are very satisfied.And an increase in customer retention and loyalty by just five percent increases the profit of the business by 75 percent. These figures show field management service software can better your sales opportunity in a significant way.

2. Anticipate Customer’s Needs

All customers like the feeling that their sellers understand their needs and want to offer them the best. Field service businesses can use the system to pull up their client’s data, evaluate them and anticipate the deeper needs of the customer. Once this is done, they offer personalized services to make the customers feel well-understood and appreciated.

3. Makes Technicians Productive

With the features of field service management software such as smart scheduling and dispatching, technicians are able to get more jobs done within a shorter time than they would if they did not have the system. The system also provides complete customer information, including on-site equipment, location, and contact details. This also enables technicians to have the right information at their fingertips, which enables them to do more jobs or visit more customers within a short time.

4. Real-Time Access to Information

The apps allow real-time access to add-ons, customer’s interests, services, and products. If a prospect is interested in a solution, the technician can immediately suggest a solution based on the information provided by the software. Furthermore, he is able to explain to the customer whatever details they require and create for them a quote instantly.

If the customer likes the product, he can give his consent through electronic signature capture. This enables technicians to have advanced cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. It also trims down the entire sales process significantly.

In the recent past, mobile apps were mainly used to engage with customers. Today, businesses, especially those that operate in the service industry, use them to empower their employees as well. With field service software deployment, they are experiencing a significant increase in sales.

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