Companies often don’t realize that money is lost when they underutilize assets. Managers should strive to optimize utilization of each asset that the company owns. It is not enough for a company to just have management software in place. Managers should attempt to utilize all the features of field service management software to their full potential. These features can be a key to your business success. Here are essential functions of the field service management software.

1. Electronic Dispatching

Switching from phone calls to electronic dispatching can save your sales team more time in the field. Electronic dispatching ensures that your field technicians have adequate time to engage customers and complete assigned tasks efficiently. This functionality lets a manager strike a balance between providing direction and autonomy to their field technicians.

2. Centralized Control

Using the centralized scheduling system to coordinate workloads and service calls can improve your company’s efficiency. You could use the central scheduling feature to keep your workers profile attributes such as contact information, vacations, skills, and recurring tasks. Such information will help you to assign urgent tasks to the right professionals. Utilizing the capability of the central scheduling feature can help a company to reduce downtime and provide better customer service.

3. Quick Access to Information and Resources

Field service companies can use the quick access to resource inventory feature to ensure the availability of equipment and necessary skills. Field service companies can use this functionality to automate re-ordering of services or products when the level of inventory is low. Field service software allows you to set a standard at which you automatically generate a purchase order to avoid downtime.

4. Service Tracking

You can use this functionality to check your equipment maintenance details while you are in the office. It also lets you monitor your sales team to ensure they meet deadlines and work efficiently. Unfortunately, many companies do not utilize this feature to its fullest potential. The feature not only provides you with the visibility to monitor your field technicians but also keep up with industry trends. For example, Uber app users can utilize this feature to see cabs that are readily available in their neighborhood.

5. Automation of Tasks

Access to the task management data allows a field service company to monitor activities in a service call. The best way that a field service company can utilize this functionality is by integrating all its information into a centralized system. The upfront investment of software to integrate data into a centralized location will pay off when you want to keep your sales team on the schedule. The feature will also enable field service companies to provide real-time updates on work progress.

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