The only way a company in the field service management business can ensure maximum returns is to have the highest asset utilization every day. Every vehicle your business owns and every piece of equipment should be used to the maximum to ensure that money isn’t lost. What many field service business owners in Canada don’t realize is that the company suffers when assets — vehicles and equipment — are set aside waiting for a job.

As a business, you can avoid such a situation. How exactly can you do that? By investing in a field service management software. Here are five key features to help you make the most out of your service management software:

1. Quick Access to Resource Stocks

Besides making sure that a technician with the necessary skills is available, an FSM software should avail the correct parts and vehicles for the job. There is a functionality that reorders these items when inventory drops below a certain number. Make good use of it.

2. Mobile Functionality

Mobile tracking and access to history allow managers and supervisors to track the whereabouts of their technicians. This helps them ensure that schedules are being met and jobs are getting done. On top of that, mobile functionality lets technicians see their maintenance history while on the job.

3. Automation of Task Management

Tasks allow both the company and the client to see what’s going on during a service call. They are the building blocks of a work order. A field service management software should automate task management giving you access to task management data as well as the ability to do something with it.

4. Electronic Dispatch

Use electronic orders instead of phone calls when dispatching work orders. Electronic dispatching saves technicians more time in the field by cutting back on paper and phone calls. This ensures that technicians in the field move on from one job to the next more efficiently and also gives them more time to work on a client’s job.

5. Centralized Scheduling

Having a centralized scheduling system helps you coordinate vehicle repairs, preventive maintenance alerts, and service calls. Proper coordination helps you keep the business running efficiently at all times. Make the central scheduling feature your central data repository for all field workers’ profiles and attributes.

Technological advancements have led to significant improvements in field service management. Use these technologies to keep your customers satisfied. For the best results, look for these features before you purchase a field service management software.

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