IP address management is an important task in any major organization, especially in the one that heavily depends on its network for its functioning. A considerable amount of time (some calculate it to be as high as 20 hours) is spent in many major organizations every month just solving issues of IP address conflict and other networking problems. This is a massive loss in terms of work time. With an efficient IP address management system in place this can be completely avoided. IP address management (IPAM) system comes with a host of services to tackle all IP address related issues in any organization.
While concentrating on the IP address management, there is a lot to take into consideration. It is not just allocation of IP addresses to the various systems within the network. IPAM system works within the network frame enabling efficient transfer of data within the network. It integrates DNS and DHCP within the network and controls their database management and upgrading. Both should be constantly updated as per the changes made to the other.

The salient features of the IP address management system are as mentioned below:
– Automated Centralised Control – The entire system control is centralised. It provides one point control over the entire network, making it a powerful tool that can be used to both monitor and manage the entire network. The IPAM system being automated helps in efficient control without human intervention. It also constantly monitors and scans the entire network discovering the subnets being used and logging the IP being used within the network at all times.
– Tracking, Recording & Monitoring IP Activity – It is important to know what actions are being performed under each IP. The IPAM software effectively tracks and records all the activities, thereby providing high control to the network administrator. The network admin has all the information needed at all times to identify any unauthorised activity within the network.
– Network Protection – IPAM not only provides information about the activity within the network, but also protects the network from external exploits. It monitors all the IP addresses and the subnets and prevents any unauthorized access of the network. This directly ensures safe transfer of data within the network without scope of any leakage.
– Integrating DNS and DHCP administration – This IP address management system offers complete control of the DNS and DHCP from one point. Thus, it is possible for the network administrator to reserve any DHCP for any open IP and make the necessary DNS entries from one single point. An integrated control saves time and simplifies the process. The IPAM system also makes sure that any change in the record of either DNS or DHCP is notified to the other immediately so that the change can be made in both the records.
– Alert, troubleshoot and report generation of IP issue – The IPAM system constantly monitors the network and immediately notifies in case of any IP conflict or mismatch of DNS entries or whenever subnet is depleted.
– Easy Control – The administration of the entire network becomes an easy process with the network administrators having full control over the network through the IPAM software, allowing them to make changes manually as well.
IP address management software makes sure that the entire organization network remains up and working at all times.