DNS is usually preconfigured by your Internet Service Provider. But often it lacks speed and fails to block malicious content, and thus, doesn’t give you the best service possible. Instead, you can use these DNS services and access features you require.

1. Comodo Secure DNS
Comodo Secure DNS is a free DNS service that offers fast, reliable connections, and pre-configured security measures to block malwares, spywares phishing attempts etc. It is a recursive DNS but also offers authoritative DNS as a paid scheme. It can also offer security schemes like SSL certificates, antivirus, secure email connections and many more.

2. Dyn Internet Guide
Dyn is another free service that offers security solutions which counter malware and phishing attempts and even provides typo correction in order to combat cybersquatting. The paid service includes additional functionalities like personalized content filtering as well as hostnames for remote access.

3. FoolDNS
Fool is mainly used to block online trafficking, user data analysis and ad generation but can also protect against phishing scams and malwares. The paid service comes in two forms – Audit which offers user defined block lists and Business which allows users much more functionality and customization in terms of logging, reporting and blacklisting.

4. GreenTeam Internet
Geared mainly towards family use, GreenTeam automatically blocks malware, phishing, as well as, adult content including violence and drug use related content. Free accounts permit 3 preconfigured permission levels and 47 categories, where as, paid services offer much more freedom in terms of customization.

5. Norton ConnectSafe
The ConnectSafe offers users 3 preconfigured connections which are configured to either

  • blocks basic malware, spyware and phishing attacks
  • blocks basic attacks and pornography sites
  • blocks items categorized in both level 1 and 2, plus drug usage and violence

Norton also offers a premium membership with added functionalities and P2P blocking.

6. OpenDNS
Open DNS is one of the most popular third party DNS service available. It is mainly designed for personal use and is configured to block most malwares and phishing attacks. It also provides third party configurations for added functionalities. The business account, called Umbrella, provides more levels of customization for users and has two versions – one for small networks and the other for large enterprises.

While DNS services can mitigate some security concerns, it cannot completely protect you. Choose bluecatnetworks.com to efficiently manage your DNS and protect it from all threats.


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